Why Collecting Objects for the Museum

The Utoro Peace Memorial Museum Committee would like to ask for your object donation to our exhibits and preservations. We are currently collecting photographs, newspaper articles, and objects related to Utoro. We also like to have historical resources that used to belong to the Isseis and Niseis (1st and 2nd generations of the ethnic Koreans in Japan), for example, photographs, household items, personal effects, etc.

Please help us preserve the history and livelihood of the ethnic Zainichi Koreans in Japan and record the footage of the citizens of Japan, South Korea, and other parts of the world who supported and fought with the Zainichi Koreans.

Examples of the Object Donations:

- Photographs of visiting friends and families in Utoro, landscapes of Utoro, residents of Utoro, etc.
- Newspaper/magazine articles and books on Utoro
- Handouts, pamphlets, flyers for the Utoro-related events.
- Historical materials/resources on the ethnic Zainichi Koreans, photographs of grandparents and their livelihood, documents/letters/certificates relating to Zainichi Korean status/experiences, and household items, etc.
- Other resources on Japan-Korea relationship, Minzoku Kyouiku (Korean ethnic education), issue of discrimination against Koreans in Japan, etc.

Classifications of the Donation Format:

- Pictures & images (digital/developed photographs, image files such as web posters)
- Documents (document data files, Web texts such as Card News/Social Media Cards, notes/memos & letters)
- Video & audio (movies and audio files, VHS tapes, 6mm tapes, CD/DVDs)
- Library materials (books, papers/essays, publications, leaflets, pamphlets, PR brochures, drawings/blueprints)
- Natural history materials (badges, banners, etc.)
- Special electronic records (important websites and blog links)

How to Donate the Objects

If you like to donate objects to the museum, please click the following link and fill out the form for details, such as its format, content, and amount of the object, etc.). Donated objects will be digitized, and the original object will be returned with the digitized file. For example, if you donate a VHS tape, we will convert it to a digital form, and return the original VHS tape with a digital file.

Utilization of the Donated Objects

Donated objects will be all digitally archived and the digital data will be stored in the Utoro Peace Memorial Museum. They will be utilized for exhibit and research for public purposes.